Server 2012 – Move a DCHP database to a new server.

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Server 2012 – Move a DCHP database to a new server.
Continuing from our previous post “Server 2012 – View and moving FSMO roles using mostly GUI” where we move the fsmo roles from the 2008r2 server to the 2012 server, we are now going to move the DHCP role as well.
1. Installing DHCP Server on Server 2012.
2. Making backup of old DHCP server.
3. Stopping and disabling DHCP server service.
4. Restoring DHCP from backup.
First though, we need to install a DHCP server on our Server 2012:
Installing DHCP server on Server 2012:
1. In Server Maanger -> Manage -> Add Roles and Features, Next, Next, Select your 2012 server and click next.
2. Select the DHCP Server role and click the Add Features when the window pops up.

3. Next, Next, Next. Review the and confirma the installation selection and press Install and finally Close.
4. We now have a new option on our Server Dashboard.

5. Now, we need to Complete the DHCP Configuration. As we have come to know in 2012, this is shown by the exclamation mark as shown below.

6. The Post-Installation process consist of creating security Groups and Authorize the DHCP server for use in our domain. Click Next. Use administrator credentials, which is preselected, and press “Commit”. You should now see the below notification. Press Close.

7. Open DHCP Manager

8. Restart your DHCP server as shown below.
9. Right-click DHCP and “Manage authorized servers…”. Select your old DCHP server and click OK.

10. Right-click your server and choose backup. Choose a target folder for your backup and press OK. (I had to do it on my old server for some reason, which I’m not looking into at this point in time)
Note: The DHCP server make backups by default, which are located at:

11. Stop your 2008r2 DHCP Server to prevent it from giving out new address after we have made a backup.

12. To prevent the DHCP server from starting up again, we need to go to the old 2008r2 server and disable the DHCP server service. Make the selection and press Apply.
After we have stopped and disabled the DHCP server, we can no longer control it from our 2012 Server as shown below.

13. Copy the backup folder you just created to your 2012 server. Right-click your 2012 DHCP server and choose “Restore…”

14. Browse to your backupfolder and click ok. You might get the below warning, click Yes, and Yes to the warning about DHCP server being restarted.

15. You should get a “database was restored successfullly”, as shown below. If you do not, try moving the folder containing the backup to the root of C: drive and make sure the foldername contains no Spaces.

16. Everthing is restored as we can see. Even all my lab reservertaions are in place

– Morten Nielsen

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